MusicProfs Profile Guidelines


The following terms, as well as our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, apply to all Profiles on MusicProfs.


MusicProfs is built for musicians by musicians. Our main objective is to provide you, the music teacher, with another vehicle for finding new students and managing your business, while helping students discover their dream teacher.


To this end and to maintain a platform of the highest quality and integrity, we need your cooperation. We ask all users to make a commitment to observe the following terms:


- You will use your real first name and last name when registering your account.
– You will not provide any false information on MusicProfs, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without that person’s permission.
– You will not create more than one personal account.
– You will not create an account if you are under 18.
– You will not create another account without our permission, if your account is disabled.
– You will complete your profile with relevant and accurate data.
– You will omit all identifying information such last name, studio name, website, email address and phone number from the Bio (or About Me) Section of your profile.

- You will use a real photo of you if you wish to have a profile picture

– You will complete each field with the requested information only. For example, you cannot enter your website in the Last Name field.
– You will not post any content that violates the law or infringes on someone else’s rights.


We reserve the right to remove or edit any content or information you post on MusicProfs if we believe that it violates our Profile Guidelines or Terms of Service. These terms are subject to change at any time.